I’ve been thinking a lot about the Why’s (see previous post) and one conclusion I have come to is that I feel this need to be perfect. Not perfect in everything I do, but perfect in my relationship with God. I’ve come to accept that I’m not going to be perfect before the eyes of my husband and certainly not my daughter, but I still feel this need to be perfect before God. How could He possibly love somebody that is such a failure? All the time she says she’s gonna do things, but then she doesn’t..what a liar. Doesn’t she care? Doesn’t she realize what I’ve done? How can she not care enough? It’s funny really, I can accept the fact that I’m not perfect to Jeremy. I’ve accepted the fact that he loves me regardless. And yet, he is mere man. Why can I not accept this same love, from God my Father? I still don’t fully understand why Jeremy loves me, but I have come to accept the fact that he does (even with this messed up head of mine.)

A passage from this book I am reading, Redeeming Love, reminds me of my current struggle:

“She writhed inside to escape the feeling, but it was there nonetheless, growing with the light touch of his hand on her shoulder, with every soft word he spoke. She was sure if she put her hands against her heart, her palms would come away covered with her own blood. Was that what this man wanted? For her to bleed for him?”

I can relate to this passage, but in my case the man is God, not my husband. Each time I seek God on this issue, I get this pit in my stomach, at times so strong, I could vomit. Something tells me I should explore this pit, that God will be there with me to see me through the mess that is within, and yet, I could vomit just to think about the exploration. It terrifies me, the thought alone. What if God decided to leave during it, what if I start to explore this scary, dark, deep pit and I discover some awful secret? What if I discover that there is something in my past, so truly shameful, that I could never move on from it? What if?

I know…in my heart that none of those “what if’s” are true. I know that God would never leave me or forsake me. I know that nothing is to big or shameful or awful, that my God can not conquer- has not conquered. I know that God would not lead me into the fiery furnace and then leave me. He is my God and yet I can’t seem to put my trust in Him. Which brings me back to my original point, being imperfect as a daughter of God. I love Him, yet I can’t seem to release myself fully into His loving care. I am imperfect and this is a stumbling block for me.