Life with vulvodynia 

It’s indescribable to explain the pain a person feels when urinating with micro-tears on their vestibule.  It literally brings a person to their knees in pain, followed by tears from the pain and the reality that this is life with vestibulitis.  

There is no way to explain the pain of feeling your vaginal walls rubbing against each other as you walk because they are so inflamed and swollen.  This is life with vulvodynia.  

It’s unbearable feeling as though you are on fire every time you go pee. 

It’s terrifying to even think of being aroused knowing that it will set off a series muscle spasms and pain.  

It’s painful to sit too long when your pelvic muscles are in spasm that it feels as though you’re being stabbed.  

It’s impossible to describe how scary and stressful it is to get a pelvic exam to try and help deal with this condition, knowing that it will result in intense pain, swelling, and iritation in the week to come.  

Nearly every day I come home with an incessant itch that can’t be scratched, a pain in my buttocks from the spasms in my pelvis, and an acceptance that all of this is just normal.  
This is life with vulvodynia 😢

As one withers, another is in bloom. 


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